Microsoft Visual C# is a programming environment used to create console-based, Windows-based, data-based, XML, and web-based applications.

This web site provides lessons, topics, and guidance on how to use MSVC#.

To use Microsoft Visual C#, you can purchase it or you can freely download Microsoft Visual C# Express Edition from the Microsoft web site.

Web Controls

Introduction to Web Controls  | Requesting a Value | Data Reading and Formatting




Databases With Microsoft SQL Server


Microsoft SQL Server Databases

Here are some lessons on using Microsoft SQL Server databases in an ASP.NET application. We cover file-based, XML, and formal databases that use a system located on a server.

Introduction to ADO.NET The SQL Data Source
Introduction to SQL The SQL Data Reader


Insert Edit Delete

Databases With Microsoft Access


Microsoft Access Databases

These articles, lessons, and topics deal with using Microsoft Access databases on an ASP.NET web site.

Introduction to ADO.NET The SQL Data Source
Introduction to SQL The SQL Data Reader


File Processing

Creating Better ASP.NET Web Pages

This section reviews various issues you should be aware to create good functioning ASP.NET web pages, including the ability to use the various languages available on the web or how to mix them.

Using a Database on Your Web Site Simple Data Entry
Simple Data Binding (SQL Server) Time Sheet
Using a Parameterized Query

Exception Handling

Introduction .NET Support
Using Exceptions  

File Processing

File processing allows you to create, use, and manipulate files on a web site. Here are topics on how these various operations can be done, based on the classes in the .NET Framework.

Introduction to File processing Exception Handling
File-Based Applications  


Web Site Fundamentals

File Processing 

These are introductory topics on various issues of the C# language, web development, web sites, web pages, and web design. This mostly constitutes a general section with programming and .NET Framework concepts.

Class Nesting Namespaces Delimiters
Static Fields, Methods, and Classes  
Transferring Values From One (Form of a) Web Page to Another (Form of a Web Page)

Databases Fundamentals

These are fundamental topics on databases, including object serialization as done in the .NET Framework and how its classes can be used on a web site..
Introduction to Databases Object Serialization

Arrays and Collections


Collections are at the heart of databases. They make it possible to create and manage lists. Here is how to use them in ASP.NET.



Introduction to Arrays Introduction to Indexers
Arrays and Classes Classes and Indexers


Introduction to Collections  
Introduction to ICollection  
Introduction to IList  

Conditional Statements 

Conditional Statements 
Conditional statements make it possible to take an action based on a criterion or a combination of criteria. They are part of the C# language.
Introduction to Conditions
Conditional Operators
Logical Operations
Logical Conjunctions and Disjunctions
Introduction to Conditional Statements
Conditional Switches
Counting and Looping



Language Expressions





Calculation: Factorial, Permutation, Combination

This web page allows you to calculate a factorial, a permutation, or a combination:




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